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Amber Rima is a photographer originally from the sunflower state Kansas, grew up in California and landed in New York.

Surrounded by art, movies and photography from her early childhood on.  The love for design, history and anything involved with beauty and art is engraved in all her thinking and creation nowadays.  As Amber Rima was a fixture in the social nightlife in Hollywood, she established friendships with celebrities, musicians, and athletes among other creative artists.  This created a path for her move to New York to work at Atlantic Records, as Manager of Urban Marketing, a seamless transition.  Her creative vision, hard work and personal relationships were the right combination for a successful career.  Selling millions of records, working with some of the most amazing artists and professionals she was able to further explore her love, photography.  
Post Atlantic Records the next logical step was to continue this manifestation into art and become the artist herself.  She became a freelance photographer and director, shooting professionally, for artists, musicians, private clients, fashion shows.
Transitioning to directing from still photography was a magical experience for Amber Rima.  This medium allows her to express multiple feelings and an array of emotions while combining her unique understanding of music and beauty.  
Never losing her passion for the beauty of life, Amber Rima continues on a daily basis to feed her creativity, through films, magazines, books, art history, museums and traveling the world.
“Creating videos is the closest way I have been able to honor my visions.  I feel like a painter being able to create strokes and texture with visuals and music rather than brush, canvas and paint.”  


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